What Is My Screen Resolution

What is my screen width
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What is my screen resolution
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What Is My Screen Resolution

What Is My Screen Resolution - screen resolution checker

See What Is My Screen Resolution, color depth, color resolutions so are at the right place where you can check your color depth, color resolution, screen resolution and much more information about your screen.

What Is screen Resolution Tester

Screen Resolution Tester is a tool made by that gives the pieces of information of the user's device like screen resolution, color resolution, color depth, and much more this tool is specially created for those who want to get some information about their screen.

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What Is Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is all about how many elements fit within a certain space and how that space is like here we have three screens with the same screen size in the picture below.

As you can see in the first picture the alphabet "A" with many whites dotes that you can see clearly and that is not looking good.

what is resolution

Now in this second picture the alphabet "A" with more whites dotes that are looking more clear the the first picture.

what is resolution

And in the 3rd image, there are so many dotes in the comparison of the 1st and the 2nd image, which makes it look good and clear also.

what is resolution

The more pixels the more picture quality

What Is Bit Depth

In this topic, we are going to talk about the color depth which we have divided into some parts to understand them very well such as:-

  • In how many names color depth is known.
  • And what is the difference between the names of color depth?
  • How many possible color depths are there.
  • What effects color depth to your images and videos.

So here we have the first topic In How Many Names Color Depth Is Known.

Color depth is known in many formats such as:-

  • Bit Depth
  • Color Depth
  • Pixels Depth

So the color depth is known in total three formats Color Depth, Bit Depth, Pixels Depth.

What Is The Difference Between The Names Of Color Depth?

The Answer is very short of this question that there is not any kind of differences between all these three names all the names are indicating or pointing to color depth there no difference in these name all the names are the same.

How to Calculate The Color Depths

If you want to calculate the total colors of a bit depth, so that need to know first that how many colors a bit depth holds for that look at the chart below to understand this color fundament.

IP Address's BInary Explaination

So as you can see that in every bit there are the only three major colors Red, Green, Blue and the every bit shows that how many colors are a particular color bit is holding like if we talk about 1 color bit so it has three colors red, green, blue, and each color holds 2 bits which we multiply 2x2x2 = 8 same as with 2 bit now it has 4 bits in every color which if we multiple with 4x4x4=64 colors and so on same like this read the chart above to understand how many colors a color bit can hold and how to calculate them.

Do you know that only these three colors are generating all the colors that you are seeing on your device's screen no matter is it black grey white purple whatever color you are seeing is the combination of this red green and the blue color.

A color depth means by how many colors a picture's color depth holds in the image photo or the video, So the short answer is thehigher color bits the higher picture quality low color bits low picture quality.