What Is My IP Address

What is my ip
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country code
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United States
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Amazon Technologies Inc.
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What Is My IP Address

What Is My IP Address

Find out What Is Your IP address IpV4 and IpV6, Conuntry, City location, Internet Service Provider, Postal Code and much more.

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What Is IP Address

Internet is a virtual world where peoples are sharing and getting the information in different formats such as in the text, video, audio, images, etc.

As in this 21 century, we are in the circle of devices and all these devices are accessing the internet with a unique IP address to communicate with another.

So when 1st IP address communicates with 2nd IP address so it provides some pieces of information to another IP address.

Like from where on the internet information is being accessed who is providing this Info what is the internet user's region code, region name,longitude-latitude who is providing them internet (ISP), etc.

So what is internet protocol? these days internet protocol (IP address) is available in the two different versions.

Let's see first of all how IPv4 looks like, so IPV4 address is the bunch of information code which is divided into the four subnets with dotted decimal like this and every subnet value can start from 0 and can end to the maximum value of 255 like this.


IPv4 address is a 32 bytes system in size and the computer sees this IPV4 address in binary like this.

  • 11000000.10101000.00000001.00000000
  • The above numbers are translated form this one below.


Note: Bytes are also known as octets

In the binary version, there are 8 numbers in each subnet and every number is equal to 1 Byte so 1 subnet is equal to 8 bytes so if we multiply all the four subnets like this 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 so it becomes 32 bytes see the image diagram below to better understanding of Why IPv4 is 32 bit in size.

IP Address's BInary Explaination

That's why the IPv4 has the 32 Bytes in size.

Back in those days when IPV4 was invented the value 4 billion was enough for the entire world because there were not a ton of devices at that time.

But in this 21 century, we are using the internet in almost every device like in smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, tv, etc.

So now in the present time, IPv4's all the 4 billion addresses are now blocked or can say that we don't have more IP addresses but we are using still IPv4 with some tricks which will not go longer.

So the federal government realized in 1990 that they would run out of IPv4 addresses soon, And now we have to do something with the IP address that is why back in 1999 the federal government upgraded IPv4 to IPV6 and now this upgraded version could generate 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456, 340 billion of IP address and this value is not just enough for now but for upcoming generations are going to use IPv6.

What Is ISP And How Does It Works

ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company which is providing the internet and this company can be a big one who has the network in the many cities of the country's market in its hand or there can be a small ISPs too how has only some of the parts of a city like an area of the city where that company is providing the internet, and all these tire three companies are taking the internet from Tire 2 now this tire two is being provided by Tire 1 so how all these are working, Let's check out So internet starts from the Tire 1 network and that Tire 1 is networked the internet in all around the world with optical fiber cables through the sea so here the Tire 1's job ends and Tire 2 the Tire1 comes in the action now same as the Tire 1 Tire 2 connects all the cities, villages to each other with optical fiber network and provide the internet to the whole country through Tire3 companies or by itself.

If you want to track an IP address so this IP address tracker tool is going to help you to find all the important information like what is the user's country, city, latitude-longitude, Who is the internet service provider, postal code and much more of a given IP address that you want to track.