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When it comes to choosing the best SEO WordPress plugin then usually there are top 3-4 contender including Yoast Seo, Rank Math, All in one SEO and many others.

If you are a beginner in WordPress then it might be difficult for you to choose among the best as almost all SEO plugins work the same and come with very little different features then others.

In the WordPress world, Yoast Seo plugin has made its own places for the best SEO plugin and on the other hand, we have Rank Math which gives a strong fight to Yoast.

even if all SEO plugins come with same SEO features but still those little different features can give you a boost upon other plugins so today we will see a comparison between Yoast Seo vs Rank Math SEO plugin.

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Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Intro


Before starting let us know about both plugins a bit.

Yoast SEO Introduction


Yoast is a powerful WordPress SEO plugins which come with a free lite version. It is having a whopping 5 million installations. With the free version, you can boost your website SEO.

It comes with many SEO features including keyword setup, meta description, image alt tags, content optimisation, search console integration, sitemap generator and many more.

Free features of Yoast

  • Seo and readability analysis.
  • Snippet preview for Desktop and Mobile.
  • One-click advanced XML Sitemaps functionality.
  • Image tags, Meta Description, 404 redirects & Canonical URL to avoid duplicate content.

The free version gives you enough option to start your own personal blog or a small website with full SEO control but there is a premium version with more advanced features.

Premium [paid] Features

  • Social media post preview.
  • Insights tool for the focused keyword.
  • Automatic internal linking suggestions.


Rank Math Introduction

Yoast Seo Vs Rank Math

Rank math is on the other side of comparison randomly comes in the free version. Rank Math is not as famous as Yoast but comes with all great SEO features. Developers are working for a premium version but all the previous features will be free.

Features Of Rank Math

  • Seo and readability optimisation.
  • Code Optimized for Speed.
  • Up to 5 focus keywords.
  • Rich Snippets, Sitemaps, Amp Seo, 404 monitors.
  • Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions of All Your Content
  • Clean, & Simple User Interface.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Installation

Rank math vs yoast

Both plugins free version can be found In the WordPress directory. You can install and activate and both plugins create a special sidebar section in your WordPress dashboard.

Upon activation, both plugins go through a setup process and ask about your websites info so the plugin can apply all necessary SEO setting automatically.

rank math vs yoast

Yoast includes 8 step setup guide where it will ask a basic question like company info, Logo, search engine visibility etc where on the other hand RankMath comes with a 5 step setup guide.

If you are a beginner then you should follow these steps otherwise if you have already used SEO plugins then you can cancel the setup and start using the plugin directly.

Choice Installation setup is easy for both plugin and there is no hassle in doing that. The only things which Make Rank Math a bit strong are it shows more control in step with advance features.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Keyword

Rank math vs yoast

Yoast Seo free version comes with a one keywords per post optimisation option and if you required more keywords in a single post then you have to go for a premium plan.

You can easily set your keywords in focus keywords box and Yoast will help you to optimise your content for your selected keyword.

Rank Math gives you the option to optimise your content for up to 5 keywords way better than Yoast.

yoast vs rank math

Every keyword tab will give you suggestions to optimise your content.

Choice in terms of keyword selection Rank Math Gets an upper hand as it gives you the option to choose up to 5 keyword per post which is great.

Yoast also gives you the option to choose more than 1 keyword but in premium version only.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: content optimisation

Yoast Seo vs Rank Math

Content optimisation is different for both plugin in Yoast you have to make bullets Green as much as possible and in Rank Math, It gives you marks out of 100 the more marks you get the more good your SEO score is.

Once you set your keyword in Yoast it will show you suggestions to make your bullets green for content optimisation.

Rank Math divides content optimisation into 4 different parts counting Basic Seo, Additional, Title Reading and content Reading.

To optimise your content both plugins offer some basic suggestions including Internal linking, Keyword density, Meta description, image alt tags etc.

Choice Both plugins perform well in content optimisation and its hard to choose one. in Yoast, it gives more option in Readability but RankMath gives more option in Seo section.

NOTE- Content optimisation is tricky in SEO. It does not matter which plugin you use while optimising your content make sure that it makes sense and write for users, not for search engines.

Making your content 100% friendly can lead it to over-optimisation.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Search Console


Google search console is a tool which he’s you track your keywords ranking, Page performance, Site indexing, full site insight, and much more.

Yoast has an inbuilt search console integration and helps you connect your website to search console only.

Rank Math comes with builtin search console where you can track your keywords within WordPress dashboard it saves your time from going into search console again and again.

Choice in this category Rank Math will get an extra point as it gives you the option to track your keyword also which is not available in Yoast SEO.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: XML Sitemap


The sitemap is an important website part. it tells the infrastructure of your website to search engines.

If you don’t have proper site google may never index your website and you will never get Search Rankings.

This feature is available in both plugins and they generate a sitemap for your website automatically.


Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math — Link Management


While writing your content it is suggested that one should add some links in the content to make it more SEO friendly.

These links can be for another website to give a source or it can be for your own another post also by doing this you can reduce the bounce rate and increase user interaction more.

Yoast and Rank Math Both plugins come with link suggestion option the only difference is in Yoast you have a have premium version for link management.

In this section of Yoast Seo vs Rank Math, the choice is Rankmath but we prefer to make link management manually as we know what makes more sense rather than automation.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Woocommerce Seo

Seo is the most important thing if you are running an online store in WordPress. There are many Woocomerce plugins which will convert your website into an online selling store with adding products, configuring payment gateways, tracking your monthly revenues etc.

Our both plugins Yoast and Rank Math Supports Woocomerce Seo functionality and easily works with Woocomerce plugins to fetch and show metadata ain search results.

While rank Math provides this features free of cost in Yoast you have to pay for the premium version to control your Woocomerce Seo.


Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Performance

Yoast vs rank math

If we talk about the performance then Rank Math emerges as a lightweight plugin with less and optimised code. Although we don’t know about the technical terms of both plugins from Rank Math itself, it is claimed that Rank Math is a very lightweight, fast, efficient and fast code.

Rank Math is a Free plugin with all SEO features and Yoast SEO comes with a light version with a premium plan starting from 89$ for a single website.

With premium Yoast Seo plugin you get their Seo knowledgeable support team.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math: Your Choice


As you can see that both plugins work great to boost your website ranking in search results and choosing one between them is not easy.

From the above comparison of Yoast Vs, Rank Math here is the suggestion for which plugin you should use.

If you are a beginner and have not used any SEO plugin then you can go for anyone but why we are saying Rank Math because it gives you the option to use up to 5 focus keyword.

Or if you are an agency or have money to spend on plugin then go with Yoast Premium because with Yoast premium you get their premium support and all SEO tutorial guide.

Using the free version of Yoast Seo is no more beneficial especially with rank math having more features in the free version.

No doubt that Yoast Seo is a great plugin and it has been the oldest and most used SEO plugin In the market but you can not always rule and here we have Rank Math.

Go with RankMath as it gives almost all Yoast Seo premium features free and it is lightweight also.

We hope that this comparison of Rank Math Vs Yoast will help you find your suitable plugin.

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