WordPress SEO Tutorial (Guide With Example)

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If you are looking for a perfect SEO Tutorial for WordPress then keep reading.Attention- It is going to be a long reading post but if read all you are going.

If you are looking for a perfect SEO Tutorial for WordPress then keep reading.

Attention- It is going to be a long reading post but if read all you are going to get a good knowledge of SEO with an example of this post. 

Thousands of people start blogging daily and double of them drop their plan when they see that they are not getting the traffic.

When we start blogging WordPress comes in most of us mind as a blogging platform because it is a SEO friendly blogging tool.

It is most important to improve your WordPress SEO to keep getting organic traffic.

There are dozens of posts on the SEO tutorial for WordPress but we have come up with a new idea our article will contain the WordPress SEO Tutorial with an example. 

And the example is this very own post you are reading and we promise by the end of this post you will be knowledgeable enough to write your SEO friendly content.

Before going in deep let's know

SEO & It's Importance?

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Every folk reading this would know that SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Search engines are like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.. give priority to SEO optimized content in their search ranking. 

SEO is all about creating worthy content without playing any games because if you will play a game then you are gonna lose one day which you don't want.

WordPress SEO Tutorial

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And now why SEO is important?

Imagine you want to know about WordPress SEO tutorial then you will head over to a search engine usually google then you type your search term like this" SEO Tutorial For WordPress" and hit the search button and you get lots of results related to your search term.

If you want your post among those top search results then you have to apply SEO tactics on your website.

SEO is the only way to getting those top search results place and to stay there.

Although there are many WordPress SEO plugins are available for SEO But after reading this post you can write an SEO friendly post without any plugin especially if you use any other blogging platform other then WordPress.

So now let's start our WordPress SEO Tutorial guide.


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So every SEO post starts from choosing a keyword.

If you don't know what is keyword then a short and simple answer is keywords are the search terms which you use to find things on the internet, like to find this post you must have written WordPress SEO tutorial or SEO Tutorial for WordPress in google. 

The keyword is the most important thing in SEO and everything else works around it. 

As now you know what is keyword then first choose a keyword for your post.

here is another example if you are blogging about the bike then your post title can be bikes with 200cc Engines. 

So we were saying that this post will guide you for WordPress SEO Tutorial With an example so Our keyword in this article is WordPress SEO Tutorial and SEO Tutorial for WordPress and we will work for those two keywords in this post.

Keep in mind that quality content is all about writing a great post with your keywords in it.

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Heading are the usually important part of your post as if you have an attractive heading your user will stay to read that up otherwise if the heading is not good he won't even bother to look for full post It does not matter how good it is.

To make your heading eye-catching and SEO friendly do this,

Try to use a number or a Fact in your headings.

Try to add your Focus keywords in your heading.

Separate your post into different heading like we have done here in our WordPress SEO tutorial post.

By doing this you can create some good and SEO friendly heading which will help you to understand WordPress SEO better to gain search ranking.

But always keep in mind that only do things which make sense and have a relation to your post. Don't make fake and spam heading as it won't work.

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Image Alt Tags

Usually, it happens that we use an image in our post to make it more enjoyable or to show some data or info but there is something which we don't know is that search engines like google can not read images.

To understand what an image is about they look for Alt Tags in your images which you can add when you upload a pic in you Post and to make it SEO favorable alt tags is all about your post which means you should add your focus keywords in Image Alt tags as shown in below image.

On the above image, you can see how we have used our keywords in Image alt tags.

You can find this option when you upload an image in WordPress or in your post.

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Internal linking

To further improve your post SEO next step is adding some links in your post.

The more related links your post will have the less the bounce rate your site will get.

So basically there are two types of links you can create in your post,

    1. Internal links are links which go towards the other post of your website for an example if a user is reading bike related post in your website so you can add a link related to bike accessories or any bike events related post which you have written in your website.
    2. Outbound links are those links which go out from your website like if you want your visitors to check your YouTube channel you can just give them a link in your post and that will be an outbound link.

Using internal linking precisely can increase your post SEO and can give you a boost in search ranking, for example, you can see how we have given some links to our other post to give you more knowledge about WordPress SEO Tutorial.

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Meta Description

If your post is ready and you are ready to publish it make sure that you have checked the last step carefully which is Giving the perfect Meta Description.

If you don't know what is meta description then it is that short description which you mostly never read in search result check below images for reference.

In the above image the circled text in the meta description. it is a summary of your text given o search engines to show in search results.

To achieving and applying meta description you should use any SEO plugin we use Rank Math and its easy to set meta description via SEO plugins.

Also ready Yoast SEO vs Rank Math Comparisons which is a better SEO plugin.

So till now, we have discussed some of the most important on-page SEO factors to improve your WordPress SEO means we have set for what we want to rank and now to make sure how much higher you want to rank in search result things goes to off-page SEO AKA link building.

Read the Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO article.

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First and the most important thing in off-page SEO is Link Building.

Link building is all about telling the other sites about your website content.

To do that we take our keywords and description and make links by going on the different website including Classified submission, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Blog submission Etc.

You can read our article on Step by step guide on Link Building to understand it better as its a big thing and doing it wrong can harm your website reputation.

For short guidance, it goes like this

    1. Find a blog submission site
    2. Enter your website URL or post URL.
    3. Enter Your focus Keywords.
    4. Enter your description and save.
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Social Sharing

Link building is something which takes time to show the results and the make sure that your site keep getting exposer you can get some help from social media.

Sharing your post in social media is not just for WordPress SEO but for all types of websites.

Try to add few lines in your content to encourage your reader to share you content.

Make social groups of your website and share all your content but don't get carried away only share them on your timeline not in personal massages as it can block your link in social media which is not a good sign.

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Social Profiles

It Does not matter whether you are running a personal blog or a professional website, Try to create a social profile for your blogs with same name.

There are many social networks which can give you high traffic if used previously including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Etc.

The more social profiles you will have the more your website will get exposer which is a good thing for SEO.


SEO Is way more complicated than it seems sometimes it also happens that you have used a different keyword but your post is ranking for something else.

Above given Tactics will help you understand better about WordPress SEO Tutorial.

Always keep in mind that for a successful blogging journey you have to give it time and do it honestly not just for time pass or in free time especially with SEO as it takes time to show results ut once done correctly you are gonna enjoy the traffic.

Well, there are much other SEO factors which come handy but all before that are you sure that you WordPress website setting are SEO ready to make sure read our WordPress SEO Checklist Guide.

So now our article of WordPress SEO tutorial is done and you can see how we have used our two main keywords SEO tutorial for WordPress and WordPress SEO tutorial with mostly making sense.

If you like the article do share it, You can also find our WordPress tutorials on YouTube.