What Is Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is like a server which can serve you three types of important parts of a computer to client's computer online such as:-

  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • Applications

and all the computers or devices are running on these three parts Infrastructure, software, and Applications.

Let's understand all these three elements.

What Is Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a system which carries various types of hardware in it like

  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • Processor
  • Graphics Card

and different kind of appliance which makes a computer or a device in a runnable position that is called infrastructure.

What Is The Software

In this topic, we are going to talk about What Is Software and What Are The Types Of Softwares, so if you know about Software And Their Types, then please scroll down to the examples of cloud computing.

A computer is like a train which is running on two tracks

  • Software
  • Hardware

and both are principal of it if you remove one of them so you can't run a computer same like the train and we have understood hardware (Infrastructure) up there now we are going to learn about software, so in IT Industry there are three types of software

  • System Software
  • Utility Software
  • Application Software

and all the software is very important in the IT Industry.

What Is System Software

System Software is the principal software of a computer, and it is like the heart of all the Softwares and system,

the system software is commonly known as Operating System or OS, the primary work of an Operating System is to make an Easy

Operatable environment for the user and there are many types of Operating System in the market like in this Operating Systems's list

  • Windows
  • Android
  • ios
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Kernel
  • Fedora
  • Minix

These days there are tons of Operating systems, and their only work is one, make a comfortable environment for the user, and that's called a System Software or OS.

What Is Utility Software

Utility Softwares are that software which controls the Operating System like

  • System Setting Software
  • System Shut Down Software
  • Restart Software
  • Disk Clean Up Software

and mostly all these Softwares comes with the System Software or Operating System so that

software that helps you to control the operating system will be called Utility Softwares.

What Is Application Software

Application Softwares Are Those Softwares which help you to Operate your work or something else like

  • Adobe Photoshop (For Editing Photos)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (For Editing Videos)
  • Microsoft Exel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Notepad

some software of them comes with the Operating system and some of them you can install after the installation of the Operating System in your infrastructure, so The Softwares that help you to do your job on the Operating System are known as Software Application or Applications.

What Is Cloud Computing Aaas

Before going into the deep level let's understand Aaas (Application As A Service) of Cloud Computing with an example, think like that you are running a firm, and you need at least 10 high-quality PC with premium software,

But the cost is out of your total budget but you need that Software Application now in that situation, you have the two options,

first of all, buy high-level PC then purchase the Softwares and then headache of installations and maintenance,

and what if after some time your business grows, and you need some more pc now the same story buying and managing but what if your business gets low so now you don't have the usage of some PC anymore.

Or now you have the other option is to using someone else high-end PC with that Perticuler Software Application w=that you want to use like Adobe Premier Pro on rent and pay to the owner by as per your usage of the timing,

Now with the first condition, you need a lot of money time and headaches of installation and managing the computer,

but in the second condition, you don't need a lot of money your work can be done just at low cost,

And you don't have to pay for the software or managing them from time to time, you just have to pay and access the software that's all you have to do.

So the same thing do the Cloud Computing Saas (Application As A Service) but in a little bit different form,

that you can access any kind of Software Application from anywhere in the world and you need only three things

  • Your Device
  • An Internet Connection (With Decent Speed)
  • Cloud computing Aaas (Application As A Service)

that is all you need and you can access any type of high-end software in your low type device because this software is running in the Cloud Service Provider's system,

Not in your device, you are just accessing it in your device through the internet connection, so accessing the software through an internet connection from Cloud Computer Provider Device calls AAAS.

What Is Cloud Computing Saas

The meaning of Sass is (Software As A Service) as we have already read about System Software, so same as like AAAS the SAAS is also the service from Cloud Computer Providers,

But the main difference is between Saas and Aaas is, that in Aaas you can only access that software that you have paid for, but in Saas,

you can access a complete Operating System and that can be useful if you have the subscription of a particular software now you only have to install the software and go for it,

And many more things which you can do on an Operating System called Saas (System As A Service).

What Is Iaas

The meaning of Iaas is Infrastructure As A Service and that infrastructure (A CPU) you can access from anywhere in the world

you only need to pay for the Cloud Computer Provider and the Provider company will provide you the complete infrastructure to you through the internet

and then you can do whatever you want to do on your CPU, so that is called Iaas.