Top 10 Awesome Android 10 Features You Should Know

Android 10 Features| What Is New In Android 10

Android 10 is out there with some new impressive features that are going to change the way of your work.

So what are these Awesome Android 10 Features let's preview them first

Use The Dark Theme

Android 10 Dark Theme Features| What Is New In Android 10

The very first thing which is going to be impressive for you is the Dark Theme in android 10 because it is going to change almost all the elements of your android UI (User Interface).

The dark theme is not just all about the User Interface it is also easy for your eyes and the long life your battery and the Dark mode might be more suitable for the AMOLED Display holders.

Reply In The Smart Way With Smart Reply

Android 10 Smart Reply

If you are one of the multitaskers, so you may gonna love this new Smart Reply Feature of Android 10.

The Smart Reply fetches what is the massage, like if someone texts you something like this 'Hey Jack are you going out to dinner with me' so smart reply knows what kind of message should be sent and this will show you a thumbs up entities "👍🏻" with maps and other options from the top of the window of your screen.

Listen and Record Clear Sounds With Sound Amplifier

Android 10 Sound Amplifier

if you are facing while listening to something so this Sound Amplifier By Google Would Be life-saving for you.

Using Sound Amplifier is pretty easy just plug in your headphone (Which are Required) then open the Sound Amplifier and tap on the play the button then you can easily set the voice as you are comfortable with, This Application is also available from the Marshmallow to all the later versions of android.

Get The Live Captions Of Everything Without The Internet

Android 10 Live Caption

The live caption is a marvelous innovation by Google because it is gonna give you the Live Caption of movies, music, a podcast, or even your live recordings just turn on the live caption in one tap and get the live caption.

And the best part of the Live Caption is that you don't need a Wifi or the mobile data to run Live Caption you can run this feature while your phone is on the airplane mode.

Forget The Traditional Ways And Use Gesture Navigation

Android 10 Gesture Navigation

Now In the updated version of Android, you can use gesture navigation to navigate smoothly for

  • Go Back
  • Go Home
  • Pull Up Google Assistance
    1. Swipe from the right of the screen to go back.
    2. Swipe Up from the bottom of your screen to go back on the home screen
    3. Pull Up from the right bottom of the screen to open Google Assistance

Focus On What You Do With Focus Mode

Android 10 Focus Mode

Many times in our daily life you want to be focused with some important work like attending the lecture, seminar or you are busy in something or you are working in your smartphone too,

and at this moment you want some apps to not let you disturb so don't worry android 10 gives you the Focus Mode Feature where you can easily select those apps that you want to stop till you complete your important work

to use the focus mode just select those applications which make you distract or disturb once and then tap at The Focus Mode from your notification bar and those apps are not gonna disturb you till you turn off the Focus Mode.

Decide And Control What Is Bad For Your Kids Through Family Link

Android 10 Family link

If you are a parent and your kids are addictive with their smartphone and like all the other parents you also want to control their bad habits

so don't worry now you can set app usage limit or screen timing so you can easily do this in the android 10 updated version's feature called Family Link

and yes! you can get access to your child's current location too.

Control Your Privacy As You Want

Android 10 Privacy

Unlike last versions of android where many apps were getting into your privacy like getting the location and storage without asking to you

that is not gonna happen more because now you have the right to decide to permit or not your location to any kind of app or not

that is not gonna happen more because now you have the right to decide to permit or not your location to any kind of app or not

to decide to permit an app to store their data on your phone or not, if yes then how long.

And yeah! all the privacy is now going to be in one place to control them easily.

Get Security Updates Even Faster Than Before

Android 10 Security Updates

In Android 10 you are going to get Security updates even faster than previous versions of the android.