ios 13 Features | What Is New In Ios 13

ios 13 Features | What Is New In Ios 13

A quick guide of a new update version of ios 13. ios 13 is out now, with some new updates and improvements in Privacy And Security, iPhones Assistant Siri, Photos And Camera, Dark Mode, More Detailed Map, Memoii And Massages Reminders and many more improvements.

Dark Mode

ios 13 introduces the new Dark Mode User Interface to the iPhone users with automatic turn off and on the feature, although you can set on Dark or Light Mode in Setting too.

Environment and User Interface of the Dark Mode

The Dark Mode of ios 13, gives the perfect low light environment, which is easier on your eyes and makes the ios apps and colors look great.

Turn On Or Off The Dark Mode On One Click

You can quickly turn On or Off the Dark Mode by using the button in Control Centre, such as when you enter into the theater or in the room.

The Dark Mode Scheduled Feature

ios 13 gives you the scheduled feature, which will turn Off and On, the Dark Mode automatically on sunrise and sunset.

The Dark Mode And The Wallpapers

The new wallpapers are optimized for the dark mode switch the wallpapers of your screen automatically in the light and dark environment.

The Dark Mode And Your Favorite Applications

The API of ios 13 lets the Third Party Developers to implement the dark mode into their applications.

Privacy And Security

Ios 13 gives you more Security and Privacy in its new updated version and lets you control over the apps too

Location Access Permission To The Apps

Now it is under your control to give the location access to an app or not, unlike before applications could receive the phone location either you want or not, but now it is on entirely on you.

The Location Transparency Is Now Enhanced

In the ios 13 Version, you can receive the notification of the app that is receiving the location in background and control over it at any time when you want to.

Control over the Photo Location While Sharing Them

Now it's on you whether to share the location with photo or not.

Sign In Anywhere Apple ID

Unlike before where you have to Sign Up for new email id's for the different websites or the application, now it is enough to let things consume your time, just tap on the "sign in with apple" or with "face id" and you are all set up.

Respect for your privacy

Apple inc. says that "Apple will never track or profile you when you sign in with Apple. The most information you’ll have to share with an app or website is your name and email address."

Hide Your Email Address If You Want To

If you are not sure where to share your real email address on the particular place so you can control it, or apple can create a unique email id for you that forwards to your real address.

Sign In With Apple Works Everywhere

Sign in with Apple is going to work all over the place as well as on an android or in windows, no matter where you need to sign in you can sign in with "Sign in with Apple" option easily.

The Map

Ios !3 has something new like 3D Map view, ETA estimated time of arrival sharing option.

Explore cities, With a more detailed map, immersive 3D experiences that give you pan around 360 degrees and move seamlessly down streets.

Rebuild Map

ios 13 has rebuilt the map to look more practical details for roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more.

Look Around

Look Around where you are heading with the immersive 360-degree 3D view in Ios 13 and some amazing transitions too.

Favorite Places Collections

Make the favorite place list of your favorite places and share it with your friends and family members.

One Tap Navigation

Get the One Tap Navigations of your favorite places such as Gym, Kid's School, Office, or Home One tap and go.

Share Your ETA

In this updated version of ios 13, you can instantly share your ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival) with your friends, family, co-workers, or any person.

Customer Feedback

You can correct the information of a place with the redesigned Customer Feedback option.

Real-Time Transit

See the current location, departure time, and more schedules of Train and Buses.

The Updated Siri

Siri the personal assistance of your iPhone is now more intelligent with some good features.

Siri Intelligence

Now Siri offers personalized suggestions in Safari, Apple Podcasts, and Maps. And Siri now can detect the reminders in massages, can catch the events from the third-party apps also.


Ask Siri to play my favorite radio station.

Indian English Voice

Siri is now updated with a new Indian English understandable voice.

Siri And AirPod

You are not close enough to your iPhone don't worry because now Siri can read the incoming notification from the massaging apps too.