Importance Of SSL Certificate

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Did you also see that not secure sign before your website URL? This article will explain Why an SSL certificate is important and why you should use one on..

Did you also see that not secure sign before your website URL?

This article will explain Why an SSL certificate is important and why you should use one on your website.

There was a time when half of the internet website was insecure and they were doing perfectly fine until one day google decided that Secure sites will get higher rank in search engines.

Before starting anything else let's understand what is SSL and how it works.

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What is SSL And How It Works

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The term SSL stands for secure socket layer and it makes your websites secure from internet freaks including your neighbor who is trying to hack your WIFI.

As to make your ride fully secure you need a helmet and not only helmet but all your legal documents the same is with the website is not just about having hosting and domain you should have an SSL certificate also to save yourself from any incident.

Now you know that SSL is all about giving your website a security layer in the digital world.

So How Does It Works?

Well, when a person of customer adds his details on your website or makes a payment then SSL sens these details to your server by encrypting it.

When your data travel from browser to server anyone can hack it in between but if you have SSL installed then this data will be encrypted and even if anyone stole it will be dead difficult for them to use it.

This is all done by the SSL certificate and this is enough to understand why SSL certificate is important but we have more reasons for you.

Top 5 benefits of SSL certificate

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All though there are many reasons you should use SSL certificate we have gathered the most important reason to use it.

The first reason why SSL is important is security.

If you are running a website then providing security to your visitors is your concern.

Or if you are running an online store and some steal all the payment data then you can lose potential customers.

An SSL, not only saves your data but also provide strict security from other spam things.  

That Green Padlock in your URL address bar is the reason people spend more time on your website.

Trust is most important in running an online store otherwise you will lose your business and that trust starts from providing a secure connection for your visitors. 

  • Always use SSL certificates from trusted authorities.
  • Use certificates with 2048-bit keys.
  • Choose what type of SSL you required single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate.

As identity theft is on rising so these SSL certificates make sure that no one uses your identity to make spam things and security is a must reason to use an SSL certificate.

Not just these to make any online transaction SSL is a must as it provides secure payment options and increases customer trust.

SEO Friendly

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Google has officially stated that they will be considered higher ranks for a website with a secure connection in its search engine ranking algorithm.

What is good in a blog if you have good content but not having visitors due to SEO.

Well if you don't know you can always read our WordPress SEO tutorial and SSL Is now a part of SEO means if you have an SSL certificate installed on your website then you will get a higher rank in search engines.

All though the boost won't be that much surely it gives an upper hand from those unsecured websites.

Google Love HTTPS

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Apart from helping in an SEO SSL Certificate is the thing that Google also loves.

You must have seen that not secure sign in chrome browser it was started by Google to point out all not secure website to save people from scams.

So if you don't have SSL it will show a not secure sign in your address bar to all your visitor and you can not help it until you install an SSL Certificate.

Nothing is better than love from google because if google penalizes your website then you will lose all your ranking within days.

Make sure to provide your Visitors with the best security available.

Brandishing the green locket and https in your URL will show visitors that your website can be trusted and web users will be more likely to stick around.

Importance Of SSL Certificate

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Still wondering why SSL is Important. Below are some more points of why you should use an SSL certificate on your website.

  • It protects all your website subdomains from spam and hacking.
  • Authentication helps you verify ownership to your websites so that no one can make a spam website with the same name and steal your traffic.
  • Increase trustability between visitors and websites.

Why SSL Certificate Is Important FAQs

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1. How to Install an SSL Certificate?

There are dozens of WordPress plugin which will do it in a single click but you can always read how to install SSL certificate in WordPress tutorial.

2. Is the SSL certificate mandatory?

NO, it is not mandatory but yes if you want your website to run successfully without any breakdown and penalty then you must use one. 

3. How much does an SSL certificate cost?

The cost of SSL depends on where you are buying it. If you have a small blog then you can also use CloudFlare free SSL.


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Using An SSL certificate is worth especially those running big healthy websites.

To make the internet a more safe place lets encrypt has started their services to provide free SSL certificates to all users.

As a business owner what else you want from increasing business and gaining more customers' trust.

We hope this article will help you understand Why SSL Certificate Is Important.

If you have any question drop it in the comment box and do share this article if you find it helpful.

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