How To Use Your Smartphone As A Webcam In Your Pc

How To Use Your Smartphone As A Webcam In Your Pc

Stop wasting your money on Low-Quality webcams and use your smartphone as a webcam with and without a wire in your pc, just in 4 easy steps you can stream live too.

You can get low budget webcams, but they can’t give you the quality that you should be using these days we think that buying a webcam would be a waste of money if you have a low budget, instead of this you can use your smartphones as a webcam.

How to use your smartphones as a webcam in your pc with these quick steps.

How To install DroidCam In Your Smartphones

Install DroidCam In Android

There are two easy ways to install any android application in your android phones through play Store or third parties (Play Store is the safest way to Install apps in your android phones) below we are providing both links to install DroidCam.

If you are installing any application through third parties including the DroidCam, then you have to follow these steps (Follow these steps if you have not installed any apps before through third parties) After downloading the APK file, you need to turn on the Unknown Sources to install.

Turn on the Unknown Source then find the file and install it

Setting > Security > Permissions > Unknown Source

We Recommended You To Install The Applications Through Play Store, it is safe and easy.

How to install DroidCam In iPhone

You can type DroidCam In App Store and Install it or, you can follow this link to download the DroidCamb (it will redirect you to iPhone App Store)

Download DroidCam In iPhone

How to Install DroidCam Client In Your Pc

How to Install DroidCam Client In Your Pc

Follow This Link and choose your Operating system to download the DroidCam Client and then install it.

Download DroidCam Client In PC

Connect DroidCam with DroidCam Client
Connect DroidCam with DroidCam Client

There are two ways to connect the DroidCam with DroidCam Client with wire or without wire (Wireless) let’s see both ways.

Connect DroidCam with DroidCam Client Wireless

After Installation, the app in both devices PC and Smartphone open the app on your PC.

  • Make sure you have chosen the WIFI option in DroidCam client.
  • You will see the IP address in your smartphone’s DroidCam, like in this screenshot below.
  • Then enter the same IP Address in your PC DroidCam Client, as shown in the down picture below.
  • You Can choose what to stream Audio or Video or Both
  • Then click on start that’s all
Connect DroidCam With DroidCam Client through USB (Wired)

It’s maybe a little complicated for some of the users, but we will make it easier for you through this guide.

In android, you need to turn on your USB Debugging option inside the developer.

Turn on the developer option in android

Setting > About > Version

Tap seven times on the version to get developer options

  • Now you will get the Developer Options in your Settings find out (In some brands developer options are provided in the Additional Setting)
  • Then turn on the USB debugging option
  • Connect the USB to both devices PC and Android
  • Swipe down the Notification bar and choose the PTP option in the USB sharing options and open the DroidCam in Your Android
  • Open The DroidCam Client and Click On the refresh icon in few seconds it will show you the name of the connected device now click start.

Connection reset!, Connect lost!

Connection reset!, and Connection lost! Shows only the two times if you did not follow the complete procedure or you have not installed the ADB drivers in your system, so make sure you that.

USB debugging is turned on and the USB sharing option is set to PTP option.

Make sure that you have turned on your DroidCam App In your Android (While connecting).

If you are still facing this problem like Connection reset!, Connect lost!, then you need to download the drivers in your windows system below we are providing the USB drivers for your Windows system and you need to install them.

  • For Google-branded phones, you can go to this link and install them in your system.
  • For Other Brands, You can follow this link and choose your Mobile Company and install them.

Then try again with complete procedures, you will be connected successfully.

Stream Live or Use Normal in Any App

Now as you have installed and now it’s working fine in your pc all need to do is open any app that you want to stream as a webcam it will automatically work into your pc you don’t have to worry about anything now Thanks for being a part of smart work with