Free SSL Plugins For WordPress (Updated)

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Looking for Free SSL Plugins For WordPress? Try one of this Really simple SSL, HTTPS SSL Manager use these plugins to make your WordPress website secure with

If you are building your WordPress website and looking For SSL Plugins For WordPress then keep reading.

WordPress is the easiest website building platform and with its easy to use plugins for almost every feature.

WordPress drag and drop page builder makes it easy to create a website and plugins give you feature for every need.

Today's article is about a few paid and Free SSL plugins of WordPress.

If you are running a blog or professional site then the security of your site is a major concern for you.

You don't know that kind of people visiting your website they might be attackers also who are looking to steal your data.

To make sure that such things do happen one should take all necessary steps to make your website secure.

One of the neediest and most secure steps is having an SSL certificate on your WordPress website.

A small step towards SSL can save your site from many malefactors.

Before diving into the WordPress plugins for SSL certificates lets understand what is SSL certificate.

What's SSL and Why You Need One?


An SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket layer.

It provides a secure connection between your site visitor and your server.

When a user visits your sites they transfer some data which can be payment info, login credential, or personal info.

To keep all this data safe and secure in your server you need to have an SSL certificate on your website.

The other reason why you need an SSL certificate because google shows a "Not Secure" Sign on every website which does not have an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate increase the trust for your visitors and improve your search ranking also.

Free SSL plugin WordPress


So let us check our list of best WordPress SSL plugins for your WordPress website

If you don't know you can read How to install a WordPress plugin.

1. HTTPS SSL Manager


HTTPS SSL Manager is a premium SSL certificate WordPress plugin and comes with a one-click easy to install SSL certificate method.

This plugin is created by CreativeMinds and supports an attractive dashboard with website HTTPS indicators.

It comes with a special feature where it scans all files on your website and shows which files are not yet secure and provide a proper solution to make all your files secure.

If you are just a beginner then this plugin might be costlier for you as the pricing starts from $29 for 1 site to $499 for 200 sites.

If the price is not an issue then it is a must-use SSL plugin for WordPress.


    1. Simple and easy one-click SSL certificate installation.
    2. Detects and fixes all insure files and shows indicators also.
    3. Supports URL mapping to map your URL on different HTTPS.
    4. Supports filter option to allow specific content should always be served secure.

2. Really Simple SSL


Really Simple SSL is a free SSL Plugin for WordPress and comes with many great features including a paid plan also if you want one.

This plugin works automatically and finds all your files on the server to make them secure.

Upon activating it makes a full scan of your files and then applies the secure layer on it to make your website secure for your visitors.


    1. Improve security by enabling https.
    2. Provides all kinds of SSL Certificates.
    3. It also includes Email Services in premium plans.
    4. If you are using a paid plan then All SSL certificates renew at a discount price.

Really Simple SSL is an easy to use free SSL WordPress plugin and gives you all the necessary things to make your website secure.

It is a lightweight plugin and if you want to support the developer you can go for the premium plan which comes with an email reminder of your SSL certificate expiration dates.

3. SSL Zen


If you are looking for an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and don't know how to activate it in WordPress then this SSL Zen plugin works great in it.

SSL Zen is a free plugin that activates a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your website in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 It provides you a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

Step 2- Activate the SSL certificate with the help of the SSL Zen plugin.

Step 3- Redirects all your traffic from Http to Https With a single click.

With more than 26000+ active installation and a rating of 5 stars in the WordPress directory, Ssl Zen is one of the Best SSL WordPress Plugins of 2020.

The good thing is a hat that it supports the latest WordPress version also.

  • One-click Http to Https traffic redirects.
  • Automatic SSL installation. no coding required.
  • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt corporation.
  • supports wild card SSL also which Secures all your subdomains.

SSL Zen is a plugin that does all the works automatically within few clicks and also comes with a premium plan which includes an on one supports and a  shiny padlock on your website under 60 seconds.

4. WP Encryption


Same as SSL Zen plugin WP Encryption plugin also generate your SSL certificate from let’s encrypt free of cost and activate it on our website in just a single click.

Apart from giving a free SSL certificate this plugin also verifies your domain and registered it in let’s encrypt so your SSL can be renewed without doing anything.

It also comes with a premium plan and does not support the window servers.


  • Single click easy SSL installation.
  • You can also download your SSL certificate.
  • Automatic HTTP based domain verification.
  • Supports wild card SSL and AUto renew SSL in every 90 days.

WP Encryption is a one-click Free SSL WordPress plugin and comes with force redirects and wild card SSL to cover your subdomains also.

Premium plans include one to one priority support including SSL set up for you in any way.

5. WP Force SSL


Well think if you have an SSL certificate installed on your website but still, some of your content is still shown not secure.

In this case, the WP Force SSL plugin comes handy.

WP Force SSL plugin forces all your website content to the server through Https to make it secure.

all you need is activate the plugin and it will move your site from HTTP to https without doing any coding.

to make the things easy it comes with limited features and you should have an SSL certificate installed on your site to make this plugin works.

  • 100% free and easy to use the plugin.
  • Redirect HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS with one click.
  • Comes with an SSL certificate test option to see if SSL is working or not.

WP Force SSL is a bonus plugin for those who are having an insecure sign even after having an SSL.

The test option shows you if your SSL certificate is up-to-date or valid.



Apart from above mention few SSL WordPress plugin there are dozens of other plugin but we have taken some of the best and most used.

Going with the question that which plugin should you use for SSL then it depends on you.

If you are just a beginner and building your blog and money is limited then you should go with Really simple SSL plugin or with SSL Zen plugin.

On the other hand, if you are building a website for an agency then you should go for a premium plugin like HTTPS SSL Manager plugin.

Keep in mind if you are building an online store where payments will be made then purchase the SSL certificate from a reputable company then install it on your website.

We hope this article will help you to choose your preferred WordPress SSL plugin.

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