Fastest WordPress Theme 2020 (Updated)

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Finding the Fastest WordPress Theme can be confusing as there are thousands of Wordpress themes available.

Finding the Fastest WordPress Theme can be confusing as there are thousands of WordPress themes available.

In today’s inpatient world if you are running a blog a website then your website speed should be super fast otherwise you will not gain more visitors.

To improve your WordPress website speed many things play roles like your hosting, theme, the number of plugins, image size, etc. You can read this article about how to improve WordPress website speed with details.

in this post, we will be discussing some of the lightweight WordPress themes to use on your WordPress website.


What is the Theme?


WordPress has become the most popular blogging platform and growing rapidly and it is super easy to make a website in WordPress in just 10 mins.

Themes are the look/ appearance of your website. themes provide you the option to customize your website according to you without knowing to code.

To make your WordPress website fast you should have a bug free, correctly coded, and fast theme so you can achieve good scores in Gtmatrix and Pingdom tools.

We have gathered a list of the fastest WordPress theme of 2020.

along with these themes we will also be sharing their speed test data.

so let dive in…


1. GeneratePress

Fastest Worspress Theme

generate press comes at the top in our list WordPress fastest theme.

The developer of this theme Tom Usborne has focused on speed only and has created a neat clean WordPress theme.

generate press theme size is just 30kb and with good performance, it comes with great customization options also.

If you know how to customize a WordPress theme then you can easily use generate press theme for any niche

this theme also comes with a paid option that provides you a bundle of demo sites to import and to word on.


Performance of generating press

  • Load Time: 1.967 s
  • Size: 32 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 10


2. Astra

Fastest WordPress Theme, Astra theme

Astra’s theme is just below the generate press and gives a speedy performance. Astra is also on the same path like generate press and has no jQuery which makes it super lightweight.

These themes come under 50 kb and can be used with the most popular page builder available for WordPress like Elementor, Divi, Beaver, or even with Gutenberg builder.

Plus if you don’t want to build with builder Astra has many customization options available to tweak with.


Performance of Astra

  • Load Time: 1.599 s
  • Size: 46 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9


3. OceanWP

Fastest Worspress Theme 2020

Our top 2 themes in the list of Fastest WordPress themes are not that much famous but OceanWP is quite famous among WordPress developers,


Its lightweight theme.

It is super fast.

Uses by many bloggers.

Like many other themes, OceanWP also offers some free inbuilt demo sites to import and comes with many customization options.

With the oceanWp theme, you can design any kind of website which you can imagine.


Performance of OceanWP

  • Load Time: 1.886 s
  • Size: 198 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 18



 Fastest WordPress Theme Neve

Neve is an amazing and super fast lightweight theme by Themeisle. Neve theme sits in 4th place in our fastest WordPress theme list.

It is a simple theme but if you are looking for a WooCommerce fast theme then neve can be your choice as its a WooCommerce friendly theme.

It comes without jQuery and comes with huge numbers of templates.

It is the best theme for agency use who wants a lightweight theme.


Performance of Neve

  • Load Time: 2.134 s
  • Size: 80 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 11

5. Zakra

 Fastest WordPress Theme

Zakra by ThemeGrill is a lightweight plugin and a choice of many bloggers due to is speed.

Zakra comes with free demo sites to import beyond that it has many customization options like changing the color, font, design Etc.

It is available free of cost but if you need to add ons then you have to pay around 49.99$


Performance of Zakra

  • Load Time: 1.181 s
  • Size: 39 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 11


6. Writee

Fast WordPress Theme

As the name suggests Writee is the theme focused for writer mainly. In the list of fastest WordPress themes of the 2020 writee is the only single-purpose theme.

Its a 100% free theme available in the WordPress directory.

Writee theme is focused on writing only and that is why it gives you a simple and very clean design.

Performance of Writee

  • Load Time: 1.536 s
  • Size: 205 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 17


7. Arke

Fastest Free WordPress Themes

Arke is a simple and very lightweight WordPress theme. This theme is also for main writers.

This theme is so simple that there are no sidebars, no widgets, and no special setting.

It mostly just white background and some text option only theme.


Performance or Arke

  • Load Time: 0.957 s
  • Size: 20 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 6





To test the themes and give you the result we tested only simple out of the box themes without any customization.

We used a cheap shared hosting (Godaddy). No optimization and just a dummy text of lorem ipsum.

We just applied the theme and run 2-3 tests for each theme and shared the data here.

Gtmatrix we used for performance.

This data is average at the time of test and any update in themes can change the results.



Well, all the above mentions themes are the fastest WordPress themes and if you are looking for speed only then any of these themes will work perfectly fine.


Speed is not only you look for so How to choose the best theme for your WordPress site?

If you are just a blogger and need only a few animations then take any theme mentions above.

and if you are looking more some extra animation and effects on your website then you will have to go with a theme that works with a page builder like Divi or element.

So if you are looking for a multipurpose theme then generate press or Astra is a good option.

But if you are looking for a blogging site then Zakra, neve or writee.

You will have to check the theme customization option as every theme comes with different settings and different styles.

If you Have any questions about the fastest free WordPress themes or how we tested them? Ask away in the comments!