Best WordPress Caching Plugins (Top 5)

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Finding the perfect WordPress caching plugin can be really difficult as if you don't know what do you looking in your plugin.Wordpress caching plugins help.

What Is Cache?


A cache is a Collection of your website files stored in users system so that if a user visits your website again and again then server load will be low as user's system is already having a copy of your website.

How cache works?

When the first time a user visits a website the browser sends a request to the server for website files and then loads the website upon receiving files and when next time user will visit the website server will not send the website files again as your browser already has a copy of a website you are visiting again.

By doing this website loads faster than usual and increase the performance.

Caching plugins allows your website to skip the process of loading the whole page every time and show a copy of it to smooth the process.

WordPress Caching Plugins list


Let’s take a look at the WordPress caching plugins available on the market.

WP Rocket


Starting from the very Best WordPress caching plugin in the market WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is a premium easy to use a beginner-friendly caching plugin for WordPress and comes with great caching features.

You can feel the sped up just after installing the plugin without any special setting as plugin comes with a best-suited pre-default setting for all sites.

If you are a more technical guy then WP Rocket comes with many technical setting which can improve your website performance more.

WP Rocket comes with inbuilt lazy load image option and deferred JavaScript.

Features of WP Rocket

    1. Built-in lazy load for media files.
    2. Cache preloads, supports multisite
    3. WooCommerce Compatibility out of the box
    4. Cloudflare compatibility for further improvements.
    5. One-click easy setup and caching starts automatically.
    6. Html Minify, Fonts files combine & remove query strings.

With the above features, WP Rocket also provides a developer-friendly environment to built your website without caching issues.

Best features of WP Rocket is lazy load option for media files which means your media files including images and videos will only load when user will reach to them not until then which improves the loading speed significantly.

It comes with 49$ annual plan for a single site and includes 30 days money-back guarantee to incase you don't find it useful.

With this premium plugin, you get their premium caching dedicated support team also t help you improve your performance.

More than 900,000+ premium WordPress users make WP Rocket a really great caching plugin for WordPress.

WP Super Cache


WP Super cache is a Free top rated WordPress caching plugin managed by Automatic team same team behind jetpack and

The plugin includes all the major caching setting including cache pre-loading, CDN support, advanced-cache preload, page cache, Gzip compression and many others.

The plugin helps you generates the static HTML files for your WordPress website to boost your website speed.

Features of WP Super Cache

    1. 100% free and easy to use the plugin.
    2. Comes with pre-default automatic cache settings.
    3. Major CDN compatibility available.
    4. Three caching option including Simple, Exert & Super.
    5. Managed by Automatic team behind Jetpack plugin.

The 3 option which comes with WP Super Cache for caching are Simple, Exert and WP-cache caching.

For most of your website improvement, the Simple mode is enough as Expert mode is for well-known tech guys who know to code also.

WP-cache caching mode is for your logged-in user. This mode is great for those of you who have users who are logged in, leave comments, or need to be shown custom content.

With more than 2+ Million active Installation and recommended by many of the top WordPress hosting companies WP Super Cache stand-alone in WordPress directory as a Best caching plugin for WordPress.

W3 Total Cache


W3 total cache is one of the most used and most famous caching plugins in WordPress and used by more than 1+ million WordPress users.

It is a freemium plugin and comes with limited free option to use but enough to give a little speed to your website.

All the required option comes with W3 Total Cache to help you boost your website including page cache, Post cache, Gzip compression, limited minification support,  object cache, CDN support, and more.

The plugin works flawlessly whether your website is on shared hosting or dedicated server using W3 Total Cache plugin will certainly give a performance boost and improve your Page speed.

Features of W3 Total

    1. Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private/dedicated servers.
    2. (CDN) management with Media Library, theme files and WordPress itself.
    3. SSL and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support.
    4. Non-blocking JavaScript embedding.
    5. Post and pages modification option.
    6. Mobile caching supports.

W3 Total Cache is the only plugin which supports all types of hosting environments and gives caching benefits to your mobile visitors also.

It also provides AMP Supports and developers claim that using this plugin can save up to 80% bandwidth via modification the process of reducing the size of your Html, CSS, and JavaScript files without breaking your website or having any negative effects.

W3 Total Cache gives you total control over your caching system and provides you with different setting for things like.

Database caching

Browser caching

Page caching

Object caching

With their new developer Boldgrid, the plugin will going to emerge as a one o the best free WordPress caching plugin.

WP Fastest Cache


WP Fastest Cache is another freemium cache plugin for WordPress.

WP Fastest Cache comes with limited features and its good for the average user to get to grips with.

With more than 1+ million-plus active installation and 5 stars rating this plugin is boosting the speed of many WordPress users.

Same as all other caching plugins it creates a static Html file from your website and serves it to users for faster page load.

Apart from minifig Html, CSS and we've scripts it also gives you option to disable emojis on your website. It combines all your files and reduces the number of the HTTP request.

Features of Fastest Cache

    1. Cache timeout for specific pages/post.
    2. You can disable cache option for mobile users.
    3. SSL, CDN and Cloudflare supported.
    4. Minify Html, CSS and deferred JavaScript.
    5. Enable Gzip Compression, disabled Emojis.

The free version of WP Fastest Cache is enough to speed up your website but for advanced features, you can go for the premium plan.

Premium plan includes mobile caching option and image optimization which is a major speed issue in every WordPress website.

The plugin also supports database clean up and Google Fonts Async.

Lazy Loads media option gives you advanced control over your media files caching system. To improve the performance further one should use lazy load option.

Cache Enabler


Cache Enabler is an Open source free to use Caching plugin for WordPress.

In our list this the most lightweight plugin from all and give almost no stress to your web server.

With its easy to use minimal configuration option, it generates a static HTML file and serves all over to your users for a better browsing experience.

The plugin is managed by KeyCDN and their fast and Efficient disk cache engine supports an Automated and/or manual clearing of the cache.

Cache enabler helps you serve Webp Image format without using any JavaScript as the plugin combines with Optimus, ShortPixel, or EWWW plugin give you the option to take advantage of this newer image format for a faster experience.

Features of Cache Enabler

    1. Gives you the option to serve Webp image format.
    2. Simple and easy to use interface. (Easiest)
    3. JavaScript and HTML Minification are available.

      See the actual size of cache pages and posts.

      Manually clear the cache of specific pages.

Plugin documentation includes extensive details about plugin features and many videos describing the different aspects of WordPress caching helps you understand it better.

Choosing the Best WordPress Caching Plugin for Your Website


When it comes to choosing one among best its not an easy task. Your choice can be different from our suggestion depending on what features are you looking for.

To give you a head start if you are looking for a free option then go with either Total Cache or with WP Super Cache as both these plugin are updates and used by millions of WordPress users.

if you are looking for a premium one-time solution then go with WP Rocket as it provides a great caching solution and includes premium supports if you stuck somewhere.

We hope this article will help you find your WordPress caching plugin. Join our YouTube Channel for WordPress Tutorials, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Other WordPress cache plugins


Other WordPress cache plugins

Apart from the top plugin, we have mentioned above you can also find some more WordPress cache plugins available in the market.

Sucuri Firewall Is best WordPress firewall and security plugin and comes with a built-in Cache option and enable Grip compression with one click.

Hyper Cache is yet another caching solution plugin for WordPress and powering 30000+ website.

Comet Cache is a plug and plays caching plugin. just activate the plugin and it will do the rest and best for your website automatically.

LiteSpeed Cache provides a server-level caching option and supports other optimizations.