Top 6 Best Contact Form Plugin For WordPress

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If you are looking to create a WordPress website, then contact form is a must thing you should have on your website.

In the WordPress directory, there are more than 1000+ contact form plugins, and if you are not sure which one to use, then we have selected the 7+ best contact form plugins for WordPress.

If WordPress is mind, then plugins are body parts, or if WordPress is the body, then plugins are the additional skills that you can not perform with the body only.

Plugins are the must-have things in WordPress that make it the very powerful blogging platform out there. Check out some of the must-have WordPress plugins for the WordPress website.

We have selected a list of mostly used contact form plugins and have shared their feature with cons and pros so you can reach to the conclusion of the best one plugin.

Some of these are free, and some are paid one so, we will be discussing the price also.

Why Contact Form Is Required

Well, when a customer or visitor visits your website and faces many issues or wants to share any suggestion so, the best way to do that is by filling the contact form.

Contact forms are being used to make contact with the website owner.

Though they can use a chatbox or make calls, the call does not always land to the Owner itself.

So to have a clear message for your contact person Contact Form is being used.

Now let's check Contact form plugins for WordPress list.

Contact form plugin for WordPress


WpForms Plugin

In our list, the top contender is the Wpform plugin.

That is the super-rich featured plugin for building contact forms.

That is the Drag and Drop form builder, and many pre-built contact forms are also available to speed up the things for you.

It is being used widely and, the reason behind this is the simplicity of it and easy to use interface.

Pros Of WPForm

    1. Drag and Drop form Builder.
    2. Pre-built Contact Form.
    3. It is easy to use and the Responsive Form.
    4. Spam Filter & Captcha solution.
    5. Shortcodes for the form to embed anywhere.
    6. Payment gateway integration.
    7. Mail service interrogation like Mailchimp.

Cons of Wpform

    1. The free version comes with limited features.

There are no other cons of it and for an alternative, you can use its free lite version, and its the best free WordPress form plugin out there.

Performance Of wpforms

Wp forms have a 3+ million active installation with Average rating 5 stars. The number of 5-star ratings is 5888.

2.Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms Plugin

If you are looking for more than just a contact form then, Formidable Forms Could be your best contact form plugin for WordPress.

Formidable Forms plugin is loaded, with many great features like creating quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms, and more.

This plugin is designed for complex form-focused solutions and, that is why it is the most advanced WordPress form plugin our there.

Though its a premium plugin but also have a lite free version and for extra features, you have to buy a premium account.

Pros of Formidable Forms

    1. Drag & drop with a visual builder.
    2. Create quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, and many more.
    3. Advanced calculation fields.
    4. Mail service and payment integrations.
    5. HTML and CSS editable forms.
    6. Woocoomerce Integration.


    1. Not as intuitive as WPForms.
    2. Mostly used by advanced users and developers due to the Complexity.
    3. Price can be high (99.38 $ For single site annually).

Performance Of Formidable form

Formidable forms have an average rating of 4.7 with 300,000+ active installations. So if you are looking for the advanced form builder, then this plugin is for you.

3. Contact Form 7

 Contact Form 7 Plugin

Your search for the best contact form plugin for WordPress can not complete without the oldest contact form & plugin.

It is the most famous contact form plugin out there and the reason behind its simplicity and customization features of it. You can create multiple platforms and set them on your website.

The best part is that the plugin is quite clean, allowing it to work well with other plugins and tools such as Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA, and Ajax-powered submitting.

Pros of contact form 7

    1. Most downloadable contact form plugin.
    2. Absolutely free of cost.
    3. Many third-party plugins as add-ons.
    4. Html supported forms.
    5. Shortcodes to integrate the form on your website anywhere.

Cons Of Contact Form 7

    1. Below average plugins.
    2. It is very difficult to set up for absolute beginners.
    3. Limited support.
    4. No official addon only a third party.


Well, this plugin is holding a 4-star rating with 5+ million active installations, and that is one of the best free contact form plugins.

4. Frominator

Frominator Plugin

In our list Formulator, takes a place because it's a new and amazing contact form plugin.

The best thing about Formulator, which makes it different from other plugins is its field options.

It comes with a 24+ Feild option to choose from in your contact form.

Customize the appearance, and paste the shortcode where you’d like to add it. Also, you can only add third-party apps after creating a form.

This plugin is compatible with the mail services and with easy drag and drop form builder.

Pros Of Frominator

    1. Custome forms like Quizzes and polls.
    2. Payment interrogation.
    3. Mail service support.
    4. Drag and Drop form Builder
    5. Html supports.
    6. It is so easy to use & comes free of cost.

Cons of Forminator

    1. The plugin loads lots of unnecessary CSS for forms.


Forminator holds a rating of 4.7/5 and has a total of 40,000+ active installations.

Its a super easy plugin and for add-ons, you can try their premium one also.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms is a top-rated premium contact form plugin out there with a price tag of $59 (for one site) to $259 (for unlimited sites).

The special feature of this plugin is its multi-page forms. It comes with advanced fields like website, address, or file upload option.

Unlike other plugins, it also supports polls, quizzes user submitted content, and even web directory.

Pros Of Gravity Forms.

    1. Multi-page forms.
    2. Drag and drop builder.
    3. Polls, quizzes, Faqs, forums, and more.
    4. Advanced calculation fields.
    5. It integrates with all popular email marketing and payment platforms.

Cons Of Gravity Forms.

    1. No free version or lite version
    2. Price can be expensive for a single site.

6. Kali Forms

Kali Forms Plugin

Kali Forms is the last plugin best contact form plugin list.

It is one of the most beginner-oriented Contact Form for plugins and easy to use.

You can create simple forms in the free version and to create more complex Forms and can buy Add-ons too.

The interface is simple just, install the plugin and click on "Create the Form" then it will show you a drag and drop builder which is easy to use.

There are some free templates also to use. It provides Short-Codes for forms so you can use it anywhere on your website.

Lite version is for basic form and, for extra features, you can go for a 19$ per site plan.

Pros Of Kali Forms

    1. Powerful and WordPress friendly.
    2. Easy to create Contact Forms.
    3. Mail services and payment setup.
    4. Mobile-friendly forms.
    5. Spam protection with Akismet anti-spam.

Cons Of Kali Forms

    1. For condition logic, you have to pay.


Kali Forms holds a rating of 4.3/5 with 30000+ active installation.

That plugin is not much used by bloggers but it works fine and easy to use.

Best Contact Form Plugin For You?

The plugins we have mentioned above are the most used and best contact form plugin in the WordPress directory.

These are the best-suited plugin for you, but it depends on your requirements.

If you are looking for just a simple contact form and do not want to pay for it, then Wpforms and Contact Form 7 use the best option.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for Contact Form with the advanced Form options, which include conditional logics and few extra fields, then You can go for premium Wpforms or formidable forms.

If you are a developer and looking to make a contact form according to you, then you should go for Formidable forms or Gravity forms depending on your need and budget.

Overall, all given plugins are good options.

Now that you already know about WordPress contact form plugins you might want to have a look at how to create a WordPress website in 10 mins and fastest WordPress themes of 2020.

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