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How To Use Facebook Videos Downloader?

  1. Just copy the video URL.

  2. Paste the URL in the input box.

  3. Now hit the download button.

  4. Finally, choose the video quality that you want to download.

It Is Simple To Download The Facebook Videos With Our Facebook Videos Downloader

  1. just head yourself to your Facebook account and choose the videos that you want to download.
  2. if you are using your personal computer (PC) then right-click on that video and click on the third option from top "copy video URL at current time".
  3. If you are using smartphones just tap on the share option then click on copy URL now simply paste the Copied URL in our Facebook Videos Downloader tool then hit the download button.
  4. Now choose the SD or HD quality as you are comfortable to download that's all.

What Is Facebook Videos Downloader?

w3toolz's Facebook Videos Downloader is an online web-based application which is helping thousands of peoples out there who want to download their favorite videos of facebook directly to your PC, Smartphone or Whatever devices they have with internet access So in simple language, you can download your favorite videos of Facebook in just one click to directly into your gallery And the best part of our tool is that you don't have to install any kind of application in your system and waste the time and your internet data so so you just simply have to copy the video URL and paste that URL in the input box above and hit enter now all the job is on our Facebook Videos Downloader now as you have hit the enter button you can see in just maximum one or two seconds you got the title of the video with two options Download In HD and Download In SD buttons now just click on the button that you want to download so in simple language you have to do only three steps

  1. 1st. copy the link.
  2. 2nd.paste the link.
  3. 3rd. Choose quality.

that's all you have to do nothing much like removing the www and putting m. instead of www and then click the right button and click save video as and after all these jobs that mobile view will not provide you the quality options and now that trick is now outdated andseems like an mission so use that is why we have made Facebook Videos Downloader which uses a very genuine method to download the facebook videos easy and in a safe way.

Do We Copy Or Steal Our Users precious Data Or Not?

Users data can be very sensitive it may be personal or very important to users that is why w3toolz.com have made a very simple and uncopyable algorithm of our tools which will simply take the URL that you have entered and converts in the direct downloadable link in all this job there is nothing which would copy the information that you have entered so feel completely free from your heart to use our tool in the matter of your data privacy.

Can I Download Live Videos From Facebook?

you can not download the live videos from facebook in any condition or using any kind of tool if you want to download live videos so you just have to wait till live streaming is done once it's done then you can download that video

In Which Format Facebook Videos Get Downloaded?

As we can upload almost any type of videos format on facebook but when we upload videos on facebook so facebook automatically convert and save that video on its server as mp4 (Mpeg 4) and as you use our Facebook Videos Downloader service using the videos URL so our Facebook Videos Downloader service download the facebook video directly from facebook's respective server so it comes in mp4 and the user will also get the video format as in mp4.

Where Facebook Videos Saved After Downloaded?

It depends on that internet browser that you are using to download facebook videos using our services usually all the browsers save all the files in the folder named with Downloads. But if you did not find the files in the Downloads folder also so it means your browser's downloading path is not The Downloads folder it is saving in the different folder to find that folder just go to your browser's setting that you have used for download the videos or files now go to the setting of the browser find download setting and now look at the downloading path and check where is your browser saving those downloaded files that's all.

Does Our Facebook Videos Downloader Store Download Or keep A Copy Of Videos?

w3toolz.com is very strict in users data or privacy we do not copy store or download any kind of users' data and it's information so feel free to use our service.

Does Facebook Video Downloader work on mobile?

Facebook Videos Downloader by w3toolz.com is a web-based software which you can use in any kind of operating system including smartphones the only thing it should hold internet access with a browser We prefer to use google chrome but you can use any type of browser..

Please Read Carefully All The Terms And Conditions Before Using Our Services.

  1. This service is purely for private use only.
  2. https://w3toolz.com is not associated with facebook.com in any type of way.
  3. every user who is going to use https://w3toolz.com is agreed that I will not download any kind of copyrighted material using https://w3toolz.com service and will not break copyright rules and laws.
  4. Users agree that they will never distribute or make copies of any kind of file or material that is downloaded using w3toolz.com's services and will not use it publicly.
  5. users agree thathttps://w3toolz.com is not responsible for any kind of file that has been downloaded by users. it will be the user's risk and the user will be responsible for any kind of problem-related to the file that the user has downloaded w3toolz.com has nothing to do with that.
  6. if you are the owner of the file and do not want to download using https://w3toolz.com then you can contact us form to contact us page which is just located on every page of w3toolz.com's bottom and we will be glad to assist you and will make sure that your material is blocked to download or watch from our Facebook Videos Downloader service.
  7. https://w3toolz.com has nothing to do with third-party websites which are developing their sites using our any type of services w3toolz.com can block them any time when whenever we find.